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ZOC enterprises have resumed production

Feb.28 2020      Source:ruidow


At present,ZOC enterprises have basically resumed production, and the market supply is relatively sufficient. Therefore, the market is not likely to increase the price due to shortage. However,the logistics is not completely restored to normal, especially the cross provincial logistics, which is still difficult and needs to be applied permission, while the inner provincial logistics is better, but the costs and time of enterprise shipment have increased a lot.In addition, some enterprises said that due to the situation of domestic epidemic, some foreign enterprises are ready to store goods from China, so the number of foreign orders of some production enterprises is still considerable, and they are trying to export goods even the logistics is still tight.

 However, at present, the epidemic situation in Japan and South Korea begins to break out, and the follow-up situation is unknown. Japan is the country with the largest export volume of zirconium oxychloride. In 2019, the export volume to Japan is 23982 tons, accounting for 54% of the total export volume of the whole year, which has exceeded half of the total. If the follow-up epidemic situation in Japan is still out of control, the export of zirconium oxychloride will be seriously affected, and the export volume may decline significantly.

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