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Titanium market under epidemic situation

Feb.05 2020      Source:net

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During the "Spring Festival" in 2020, the new coronavirus infected pneumonia spread rapidly to the whole country. The whole country fought against the epidemic together. In order to avoid large-scale population flow, prevention and control measures were taken, such as home quarantine, extending spring festival holiday, and closing the city.

Affected by the epidemic, the transportation of most products is blocked, which makes it difficult for some titanium enterprises to deliver their products. In addition, during the Spring Festival holiday, the inventory of some enterprises has increased. Due to the delayed start-up policies issued in many places, some enterprises shut down for the Spring Festival have delayed the resumption of construction. Due to the traffic control, the transportation of raw materials has also become a problem. Some enterprises have been in urgent need of raw materials inventory, and some enterprises have been reduced to maintain the production due to the workers return home and can’t back to enterprise.


Affected by the epidemic situation, the stopped enterprises in Panzhihua area are not allowed to start construction before February 9th, which includes some enterprises that have stopped production of titanium ore, including large factories. The original tight supply of titanium ore is more tense, and there are many market inquiries in the near future. Most enterprises have no spot supply. The supply of raw ore is still tight, and there are still problems in transportation. At present, there are 46, 10 titanium in the market The price is 1600 yuan / ton excluding tax, and that of medium-grade is 1030-1050 yuan / ton.

Due to the low price in the early stage and the tight market supply, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. raised the price of titanium ore by 100 yuan / ton at the end of January, excluding 1500 yuan / ton of tax.

Due to traffic control, non-locak license is also limited. Due to the closure of roads in some villages, the transportation of titanium ore by enterprises is also affected.

At present, the price of imported ilmenite is still mostly quoted same as before the festival, because the market has not yet fully recovered, and the market is still at period of stasis.

Titanium slag:

The transportation of products was hindered by some enterprises; the raw material titanium ore was in short supply and the cost rose. At the end of January, Pangang increased the price of acid slag by 200 yuan / ton and the ex factory quotation including tax by 4450 yuan / ton, and the surrounding enterprises also increased; the construction of high titanium slag in the North basically returned to normal after the festival, and the price was not adjusted.

Titanium tetrachloride:

At present, Xiantao enterprises in Hubei still haven't resumed production. According to media reports, all kinds of enterprises in the province will be back to work no earlier than 24:00 on February 13th. Titanium tetrachloride enterprises in Henan Province are hard to transport due to transportation problems, while those in Inner Mongolia maintain low production due to the impact of the epidemic. Liaoning enterprises in Hebei Province maintain normal production. Due to the enterprise's failure to recover and the impact of logistics transportation, the raw materials of downstream enterprises are tense.

Titanium dioxide:

The resumption of construction after the festival has been delayed (enterprises in Guangxi, Jiangsu and other places) and some enterprises have responded to the government's policies to reduce the production. Affected by the logistics, the product transportation of enterprises has been greatly hindered, the inventory of enterprises has increased more than before the festival, and the transportation of raw materials has become a problem. In the later stage, the production of enterprises may be affected by the problem of raw materials. In previous years, some coating enterprises also started construction after the 10th day of the lunar new year, and some enterprises had little impact. However, due to the blocked logistics, the downstream or raw material problems affect the production.

In terms of market price, many manufacturers of enterprises that did not adjust their prices before the festival made more orders and planned to increase their prices after the festival. At present, the epidemic situation is serious, and most of the enterprises put off going to work, and the market price has not changed temporarily. It is reported that the inventory of foreign titanium dioxide enterprises is at a low level, and the shortage of raw materials continues to rise. Recently, an international enterprise said that the price will be increased after the festival.

Sponge titanium:

During the Spring Festival, sponge titanium enterprises basically maintained normal production. Affected by the epidemic situation, product transportation was also hindered, and some enterprises' stock of raw materials was also tight. At present, the market quotation of enterprises remained unchanged.

At present, the situation against the epidemic is still severe. Titanium enterprises are affected by the epidemic as a whole. The market starts to decline compared with the same period of previous years. The whole market is waiting. Affected by the epidemic, the domestic economy is impacted to a certain extent, and some enterprises are beginning to be bearish on the later market.

At present, affected by the delay of downstream construction and traffic control, the market demand for titanium products is restrained, while the epidemic is only temporary. With the end of the epidemic, the downstream demand picks up, the supply end of raw materials is tight, and the market for titanium products will be stable and positive.

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