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The rare-earth enterprises operation situation under Corona virus

Feb.03 2020      Source:ruidow

Keywords:rare earth

  On February 3th, 2020, the first working day after the new year, affected by the Corona virus, most China enterprises in the rare earth separation smelting magnetic material industry chain stopped production or reduced production. Many local government documents require that the commencement date should not be earlier than February 9th, including Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Guangdong, etc.

  At present, the epidemic control in Jiangxi Province is the most strict. Except for a few private enterprises with a small amount of production, almost all of them have been shut down. Some of the separation plants outside Jiangxi Province have resumed production in succession, but the operation rate is very low. Some of the metal enterprises have started operation, but most of them are concentrated in the northern region. Moreover, the operation rate has also been reduced due to the problems of orders and labor issues. The downstream magnetic material enterprises have basically stopped production. All the rare earth logistics feedbacks were shut down. There was feedback that the current production is only for stock.

  After the year, due to the difficulty of transaction, there is no enterprise quotation, but customers in the industry tend to give more feedback on the price decline. Because the overall shutdown rate in the downstream is higher than that in the upstream, the direct demand further shrinks. In addition, under the influence of the epidemic, the terminal enterprises are bound to be affected, and the long-term demand is difficult to be optimistic.

  Some customers in Inner Mongolia, Fujian and other areas with weak impact of the epidemic have returned to work, but most of them have not been put into production at present. Although there is feedback that they will start work in succession, the current production reduction situation is still serious.

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