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Zircon Market Review(11.25-11.29)

Dec.04 2019      Source:ruidow


Zircon sand

65 % high-grade sand with tax quotation is 11100-11300 yuan / ton, Indonesian sand 1480 USD/ ton, iluka MB high-grade sand is 1520-1560 USD/ ton, tronox Australia 1580-1600 USD/ ton, Tronox South Africa 1540-1580 USD/ ton, RBM Zug 1500-1530 USD/ ton, RBM ZSG 1450-1460 USD/ ton. The willingness of foreign suppliers to hold up the price is obvious, but the downstream purchasing enterprises hope that zircon sand price can be give a little discount, so as to reduce the pressure of some raw material costs, which leads to a stalemate situation at this stage, and it is difficult to break it in a short time. At the end of the year, the capital pressure of enterprises is large, some enterprises may clear their inventory, and low price transactions may appear on the market.

Zirconium silicate

At present, 64.5% of senior zirconium silicate is quoted at 13200-13800 yuan / ton, including tax. The ceramic market is cold and clear, and the zirconium silicate Market as its upstream market is also difficult to have vitality. Especially in winter, the environmental protection inspection in the north is more and more strict, and the production enterprises in the ceramic industry are more or less affected to limit production and stop production. In this case, the sales of zirconium silicate is difficult, the profit is small, and the market price is stable only relying on the support of raw materials. At the end of the year, when enterprises are struggling, they may stop production and overhaul early to avoid overstocking.

Zirconium oxychloride

At present, the quoted price of zirconium oxychloride is stable, the mainstream price is about 15000-16000 yuan / ton, and the low quoted price is basically below 15000 yuan / ton. Due to the strict environmental protection in the northern region and the unsatisfactory market situation, the operating rate of some enterprises is not high. Some enterprises say that the downstream market is in a downturn. At this stage, they are all talking about the real situation, and there are still a lot of price pressures to the upstream. This also leads to the fact that the transaction price of enterprises is lower than the mainstream quotation, and the profit space of enterprises is compressed. The good thing is that at present, the production enterprises do not have a large amount of account period pressure, but the situation of low inventory will not be ruled out in the future.

Fused zircon

At present, the situation of the market is still not ideal, and the sales of enterprises are difficult, especially at the end of the year, the downstream is purchasing on demand, and the willingness to store goods is low, which is undoubtedly worse for the market under the current situation of supply exceeding demand. In particular, the environmental protection inspection in the northern region is also in progress. Some enterprises in the North say that compared with last year, the environmental protection inspection at this stage is not too strict, but still can not be relaxed. Environmental protection also brings great pressure to enterprises. The demand of downstream enterprises cannot go up, and it is difficult to increase the purchase of fused zirconium.

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