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Zirconium oxychloride enterprises strive to stabilize prices

Nov.25 2019      Source:ruidow


In winter, especially with the end of the year approaching, the market of zirconium oxychloride is becoming increasingly weak. At present, although the price is still stable, but there is not enough transaction, so the cost pressure of production enterprises is large.

From raw material section, zircon sand suppliers are still willing to make a good price, so there is no plan to reduce the quotation; the price of auxiliary flake alkali has dropped, and the quotation of flake alkali in North China is basically below 3000 yuan / ton, but for production enterprises, the price reduction of this degree is nothing for costs. The manufacturers hope that the price of zirconium oxychloride will be stable till the end of this year, and they are also working hard.

At present, some enterprises think that the market at the end of the year is not as good as usual, they have psychological preparation for gloomy market; however, some enterprises also say that in the off-season of purchasing at the end of the year, when the trading is not strong, they have felt the inventory pressure. But now the operating rate of production enterprises is relatively low. At present, the mainstream quotation of zirconium oxychloride is about 15400-16000 yuan / ton. The market price is still low, and the overall transaction market is stable, showing a weak trend.

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