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Titanium dioxide supply and demand are weak

Oct.30 2019      Source:Net


Titanium dioxide supply and demand are weak

Following the implementation of the latest price policy by Lomon Billions in October, the mainstream price of titanium dioxide is stable, the high price is reasonable to fall, and the paint market tends to be clear. Supply has stabilized and high prices have fallen. For example, the R-900 series of "Yan Ti titanos" brand has a stable supply of products with high cost performance, which is no longer hard to find; the first-line brand products price have declined to reasonable range.

Since August, there have been several rounds of price rising tides, and the real price has generally increased by nearly 1000 yuan/ton. In fact, the vast majority of terminal customers with stable consumption have prepared goods. It is an indisputable fact that the demand in the middle and later period of the fourth quarter has been overdrawn, and the price of titanium dioxide has weakened.

At present, the main quoted prices of most domestic rutile sulfate and anatase titanium dioxide are 14200-16500 yuan / ton and 11800-12800 yuan / ton, and the main quoted prices of domestic and imported rutile chloride titanium dioxide are 17500-20000 yuan / ton and 25000-27000 yuan / ton according to their uses (all above are ex warehouse prices including taxes).

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