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Zircon Market Review(10.14-10.18)

Oct.21 2019      Source:ruidow


Zircon sand

The quotation of zircon 65% advanced sand including tax is 11300-11600 yuan / ton, and the quotation of 65% ordinary sand is 10700-11000 yuan / ton. Indonesia sand is 1480 USD / T, iluka MB high-grade sand is 1610-1630 USD / T, tronox Australia is 1640-1650 USD / T, tronox South Africa is 1600-1620 USD / T, RBM Zug is 1550 USD / T. Zircon sand suppliers hold a stable attitude towards the price of zircon sand in China, while the domestic downstream companies hold a strong wait-and-see attitude due to the sluggish demand of the terminal market, which slows down the purchase demand of zircon sand. The deadlock between the upstream and downstream companies is hard to break, and this situation may be delayed to the end of the year.

Zirconium silicate

The tax inclusive price of 64.5% zirconium silicate is 13200-13800 yuan / ton, and that of 63% ordinary zirconium silicate is 12800-13000 yuan / ton. The price of zircon sand in the upper reaches of zirconium silicate is still at a high level, and the downstream ceramic enterprises often go bankrupt and default on their debts. The zirconium silicate enterprises sandwiched in the middle are struggling to survive. Because the profit compression of zirconium silicate is very severe, some manufacturers say they are even close to losing money. Especially in autumn and winter, the strict implementation of environmental protection inspection began, and the production and sales of zirconium silicate were affected. So for the zirconium silicate market in the fourth quarter, no news is the best news.


The downstream enterprises of zirconium oxychloride said that the market of zirconium oxychloride is always weak this year, so there is not too much stock, and they basically purchase according to orders. This situation also reflects the downstream demand of zirconium oxychloride this year. Although the overall market of zirconium oxychloride is relatively stable at this stage, and the mainstream quotation is basically maintained at about 15500-16000 yuan / ton, the low transaction price of some enterprises is still being implemented, which also indicates that the depressed market still has an impact on some enterprises. However, some enterprises still say that there is little pressure on the market inventory, the price of auxiliary raw materials such as flake alkali is also rising, and the cost of environmental protection is also rising, so it is more likely that the market of zirconium oxychloride will continue to be stable in the future.

Fused zirconium

At present, the market of electric melting zirconium is not hot, the market inquiry is not very active, and the transaction is relatively light. In addition, environmental inspection and other issues have also affected some enterprises. At present, the main quotation of refractory grade electric fused zirconium is about 27000-27500 yuan / ton, and that of pigment grade electric fused zirconium is about 28600-29500 yuan / ton. The low transaction price in the market is common, which has an impact on the mainstream price. Due to the poor demand of downstream enterprises, the procurement of electric fused zirconium is not strong, and there will be price pressing behavior, which has a certain negative effect on the price of electric fused zirconium. However, under the cost pressure, the mainstream price of electric fused zirconium can maintain stability. However, with the coming of winter, the demand is difficult to improve, the sales of fused zirconium will continue to be difficult, and the price will be difficult to maintain stability.

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