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Titanium Market Review(9.23-9.27)

Sep.30 2019      Source:ruidow



This week Panzhihua Titanium Ore quotation continued to rise, ranging from 30-50 yuan/ton, 38%ilmenite quotation without tax is 800-830 yuan/ton, 46%ilmenite quotation without tax is 1180-1200 yuan/ton, 47%ilmenite quotation is 1200-1250 yuan/ton.Panzhihua small and medium-sized factories decrease supply; the import of titanium ore is tight, and the demand for Panzhihua ore is increasing, and the quotation of a large titanium ore factory in Panxi this week is increased by 50 yuan/ton, and the quotation of medium and small titanium ore will continue to rise next week.

The quotation part of the import titanium market continued to rise, with Kenya's titanium CIF quoting USD210 per ton and Mozambique's titanium CIF quoting USD250 per ton. Import supply is tight and prices continue to rise. The market price is on the high side and the exchange rate price is on the rise. Some domestic businessmen are cautious about purchasing and the domestic spot price is decreasing. The starting rate of domestic high titanium slag market keeps going up, the supply of titanium ore is decreasing, the market demand is increasing, and the import of titanium ore keeps going up.

Titanium slag

The market quotation of high titanium slag has increased. In September, Jinzhou Titanium Industry tendered for 6350 yuan/ton of ordinary high titanium slag. The raw material titanium ore continued to rise, and the cost of high titanium slag increased. On the 25th, Lonmon Billions issued a price adjustment letter announcing that 90 high titanium slag will continue to increase 200 yuan/ton, while the market price of low calcium magnesium high titanium slag will be 6800-7800 yuan/ton. The market price is good, and there are many manufacturers restart in the market. Due to the rising demand and the lack of high-quality ilmenite in the market, the market supply of high-titanium slag will continue to be tight. At present, the exchange rate price and imported titanium ore price continue to rise, the production cost of high titanium slag is high. Recently, some prices of titanium tetrachloride have declined considerably, and the later start of construction will decline, and the later increase of high titanium slag enterprises will be reduced.

The market price of acid slag has risen, and the quotation of enterprises is firm. The ex-factory price with tax in Yunnan is 3600-3700 yuan/ton, while the ex-factory price with tax in Sichuan is 3850-4000 yuan/ton. Titanium dioxide price rises, titanium ore price rises, acid slag cost is high, acid slag goes up accordingly.

Titanium tetrachloride

This week, the price of titanium tetrachloride in Henan Province announced an increase, but the prices of enterprises are on the low side, and there are more supplies, which has little impact on the market. This week, Hubei enterprises will start insufficient construction, and near the National Day market start-up rate will decline. Later Chaoyang new sponge titanium project will be put into operation, the demand for titanium tetrachloride will increase, raw material keep at  high range, coupled with the rise of liquid chlorine price, the market price will be firm.

Titanium dioxide

This week, the market price of titanium dioxide is steadily rising. This week, Yutu, Hunan, issued a price increase notice. At present, the domestic price of rutile titanium dioxide with tax is 14,100-16,300 yuan/ton, the price of anatase titanium dioxide with tax is 12,000-12,800 yuan/ton, and the price of chlorinated titanium dioxide is 18,500-20,000 yuan/ton. At present, the titanium dioxide market is mixed. Some manufacturers are still on the tight supply side, with the National Day approaching, the start of titanium dioxide construction in the northern region has declined, of course, the downstream enterprises of titanium dioxide will also be affected; Panzhihua area due to power maintenance, also has a small impact on titanium dioxide production enterprises; the supply of raw materials imported titanium ore is reduced, and later prices will continue to maintain high operation; The price of domestic ilmenite will continue to remain high as the price of domestic ilmenite declines and Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group increases the recovery of foreign ilmenite. Gold, silver and silver have been more than half of the 10, and the downstream began to stock up from August to September. Some market participants believe that the demand of the early stock overdraft in the later period, coupled with the market entering the off-season at the end of the fourth quarter, is pessimistic about the market. Due to the exhaustion of exchange rate and imported mineral resources, imported titanium raw materials may rise again. The market demand is still good, the supply of titanium dioxide is tight, and the cost of raw material titanium ore has certain support for the market price. There are many favorable factors for the market, and the price of titanium dioxide will continue to run steadily.

Sponge titanium

This week, the market for sponge titanium is stable. The quotation for the first-class sponge titanium with tax is between 86,000 yuan/ton. There are still gaps in market supply, and manufacturers are still optimistic about the future market. The price of raw material titanium tetrachloride rebounded, while the price of sponge titanium remained high.

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