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09 2020
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Zircon Market Review(9.16-9.20)

Sep.20 2019      Source:ruidow

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Zircon sand

At present, the price of 65% high-grade zircon sand is about 11300-11700 yuan/ton.There was no sign of recovery in the zircon sand Market and no significant increase in downstream purchases. In the absence of strong terminal demand, coupled with the current high exchange rate of RMB, the pressure on cost of China Mine has increased sharply. Concentrators and traders are also more cautious in purchasing raw materials, and the inventory of enterprises is not too large. Correspondingly, without inventory pressure, the price of zircon sand continues to stabilize.

Zirconium silicate

64.5% of the high-grade zirconium silicate is quoted at 13200-13800 yuan/ton, 63% of the ordinary zirconium silicate is between 12800-13000 yuan/ton. Ceramic enterprises are under the pressure of environmental protection. They are required to "coal to gas" and "coal to gas" firstly require ceramics enterprises to invest a lot of money and subsequent production costs will increase, leading to some ceramics factories to reduce production or even close down. The production of zirconium silicate is reduced downstream, which makes it difficult for zirconium silicate enterprises to ship. The cost of zirconium silicate sand, the raw material for zirconium silicate production, is not only not reduced, but also increased due to the increase of exchange rate. Under the pinch of both sides, the living space of zirconium silicate is squeezed. The zirconium silicate market will not change significantly in the future.

Zirconium oxychloride

There is no new fluctuation in the zirconium oxychloride market. At present, the quotation is about 15 500-16 000 yuan/ton, but there is a lower price in the market than the mainstream quotation. Today, the price of zirconia downstream slightly lower, you can also see that the downstream enterprise market is cold. However, this summer, the start-up rate of zirconium oxychloride production enterprises is not high, the inventory is relatively normal, the supply is not excessive, the pressure of production enterprises is not large, and the price trend is relatively stable. In addition, there has been news that the National Day parade will affect the production of the surrounding cities in Beijing, even if there is no definite news of the shutdown, but the impact on the market is relatively obvious.

Fused zirconium

The fused zirconium market continues to move low. At present, the price of refractory fused zirconium is relatively stable. The mainstream price is about 2700-27500 yuan/ton, and the color grade is slightly higher. However, the low price is obvious. Most of the quotations are about 28800-29500 yuan/ton. At this stage, the domestic fused zirconium production capacity is far greater than the downstream demand, coupled with the downstream market demand has not increased significantly or even partially reduced, the final result is that the contradiction between supply and demand is increasingly strong, which is also the main reason for the price decline. After the previous price reduction, it is more difficult for fused zirconium prices to continue to decline, but the sales of fused zirconium may still be unsatisfactory.

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