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Market quotation for fused zirconium slightly upward

Aug.26 2019      Source:ruidow

Keywords:fused zircon

Low trading volume and low transaction price in fused zirconium market have obvious influence on fused zirconium price, which has also led to a decline in fused zirconium price in recent days. However, the main change in market price is fused zirconium with refractory grade, and the price is reduced by about 300-500 yuan. At present, the mainstream quotation is 27200-27600 yuan/ton, but the low transaction price is still common. The price of color grade fused zirconium is stable, and the mainstream quotation is stable at about 29,000-29,500 yuan/ton.

The refractory market is worse this year. On the one hand, the demand of terminal market such as downstream iron and steel plants’ demand keepwith the low demand. On the other hand, the environmental protection inspection is still relatively strict, which has a greater impact on refractory manufacturers. These two aspects have obvious influence on the downstream demand of fused zirconium, which leads to the difficult sales of fused zirconium, which is also the main reason for the price reduction of refractory fused zirconium.

The follow-up market of fused zirconium should be mainly weak and stable. With the constant cost of raw materials, the difficulty of price reduction increases. However, due to the cold end of the market, price increase becomes more and more difficult.

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