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Zircon Weekly Market Review(8.12-8.16)

Aug. 19 2019      Source:ruidow

Keywords:zircon market

zircon sand

The price of 65% high-grade zircon sand is 1130-11700 yuan/ton. The price is basically unchanged. The demand for zircon sand from downstream enterprises is not very strong and the turnover is general. However, the price of 65% ordinary sand has slightly declined. At present, the main quotation is between 10700 and 11000 yuan/ton, with a decrease of about 200 yuan. The main reason why the price of ordinary zirconium sand dropped is that some zirconium oxychloride enterprises stopped production and repaired in July and August, and their purchasing volume decreased. At the end of August, zirconium oxychloride enterprises began to operate one after another, and their purchasing may increase, which will help stabilize the price of 65 ordinary zircon sand. The price of zircon sand is basically stable.

Zirconium silicate

At present, 64.5% of high-grade zirconium silicate with tax quotation is between 13200-13800 yuan/ton, 63% of ordinary zirconium silicate with tax price is between 12800-13000 yuan/ton. The quotation remains stable, the transaction price is slightly lower, and the whole market is very cold. Some northern zirconium silicate factories say that orders are very scarce, and there is basically no business to do. The situation of zirconium silicate plant is slightly better than that of the north factory. Zirconium silicate is the largest downstream area of zircon sand. Because of its sluggish transaction, its demand for zircon sand has declined again and again. The price of zircon silicate is also difficult to decrease because of the constant price of zircon sand. The subsequent zirconium silicate market will continue to show this stalemate situation.

Zirconium oxychloride

Zirconium oxychloride production enterprises which shut down production and maintenance in July and August have begun to resume production one after another. Maintenance controls the supply of zirconium oxychloride to some extent, but downstream demand is still not improving and purchases are flat. However, the price of zirconium oxychloride is basically stable. Most of the quotations are between 15500 and 16200 yuan/ton, but some small enterprises offer slightly lower prices. However, because the price of 65% ordinary zircon sand has declined, it has a certain negative effect on the stability of zirconium oxychloride price. The possibility of a slight decrease in the follow-up price still have high Probability.

Fused zirconium

The market for fused zirconium has fallen recently. At present, the price of ceramics-grade fused zirconium is basically stable at about 2900-29500 yuan/ton, but the price of refractory-grade fused zirconium is slightly reduced, basically at 27500-27800 yuan/ton, while the transaction price is lower than the quoted price. The main reason is that the market turnover is too low, the contradiction between supply and demand is more prominent. Another reason is that some small business quotations are confused and low prices are frequent, which lowers market prices. Follow-up prices may be dominated by weak stability.

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