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Titanium market review (7.29-8.02)

Aug. 06 2019      Source:ruidow

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  Influenced by poor downstream demand, the domestic titanium ore and acid slag market is still operating at a low level this week. Among them, Panxi's several large titanium enterprises to maintain the market, but still maintain the price unchanged; some local small titanium enterprises have loose prices, enterprises according to their own circumstances can flexibly choose sales prices. At present, the price of Panzhihua 20 ilmenite is about 1200 yuan per ton and 10 ilmenite is about 1080-1120 per ton.

  This week, the bidding price of high titanium slag in North China increased by 100 yuan per ton. Because the quantity of titanium ore imported this year is obviously less than that in previous years, the price of titanium ore has not gone down as well as that of domestic titanium ore, but has steadily increased, which leads to the continuous increase of production costs of domestic titanium slag enterprises. At present, domestic titanium slag enterprises generally believe that the price of rutile and other raw materials is rising sharply, but the domestic price of high titanium slag has not changed significantly, so there is a certain degree of dissatisfaction.

  On Monday, several domestic sponge titanium enterprises announced that the price of 1 sponge titanium would be raised to 81,000 yuan/ton; on Tuesday, Pangang announced that the price of 1 sponge titanium would be raised to 86,000 yuan/ton. Recently, sponge titanium enterprises frequently adjust prices, which also brings a lot of trouble to downstream titanium enterprises. Titanium enterprises not only face the problem of rising costs, but also make it difficult for them to determine the selling price.

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