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Zircon Market Review(7.15-7.19)

Jul.22 2019      Source:ruidow

Keywords:zircon market

Zircon sand

  This week, the price of zircon sands continued to stabilize. The tax price of 65% high-grade zircon sands in Hainan ranged from 11 400 to 11 700 yuan/ton, and that of 66% high-grade zircon sands ranged from 12 400 to 12 700 yuan/ton. Although the recent rise in exchange rate has increased the cost of concentrator, the downstream demand is insufficient,the downstream purchasing volume is general, the cost of zircon sand growth is difficult to transfer to the downstream, only squeeze zircon sand sales profits, which also shows that zircon sand price incentives are insufficient, and subsequent prices will continue. Smooth. Environmental protection supervision has begun in Hainan Province, some mineral processing enterprises have been affected, but it has little impact on the market.

Zirconium silicate

  As the weather gets warmer, the sales of downstream ceramics market slows down, which also makes the sales of zirconium silicate more cool. Moreover, for zirconium silicate enterprises, the long account period basically needs about 3-4 months. This situation also leads to the difficulty of fund transfer of zirconium silicate enterprises. In recent years, the market of ceramics has been depressed, and more enterprises have closed down and liquidated, which has increased the risk of the operation of zirconium silicate enterprises and led to the pressure they are facing. At present, 64.5% of zirconium silicate quotation is about 13200-13800 yuan/ton, 63% of zirconium silicate quotation is about 12800-13000 yuan/ton.

Zirconium oxychloride

  Zirconium oxychloride is currently the mainstream quotation at about 15,600-16,200 yuan/ton, and some enterprises’ quotation is under market price. Although the downstream stock is not much, but only to maintain demand and procurement, the overall market turnover is still not active. Downstream customers have price reduction measures and frequent bargaining, but the upstream zirconium oxychloride production enterprises do not mean to reduce prices, which also caused a deadlock between upstream and downstream enterprises. In addition, starting this month, some large zirconium oxychloride production plants are expected to stop production and maintenance, the maintenance time is about 25-30 days, the shutdown time is longer, and the production capacity of the shutdown enterprises is larger, accounting for the main part of the market supply, so it plays a role in stabilizing the price of zirconium oxychloride, and also weakens the contradiction between supply and demand.

Fused zirconium

  There is no fluctuation in the fused zirconium market, but the downwind still exists. The quotation of fused zirconium for refractory grade continues to be around 2800-29000 yuan/ton, while the grade of glaze is slightly higher. The sluggish market of downstream refractory and ceramics makes it difficult to digest the demand for fused zirconium and its output. In addition, the expansion of production of some enterprises this year has resulted in obvious overcapacity and increased competition among fused zirconium enterprises. In order to promote low-price transactions among enterprises, however, he possibility of price stability is greater.

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