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Titanium Market Review(7.15-7.19)

Jul.15 2019      Source:ruidow


Prices of titanium ore, rutile, titanium slag, titanium dioxide and other products remained stable this week, while the price adjustment of sponge titanium contracted almost all the topics of this week's titanium market. On the July 9th, three domestic sponge titanium enterprises announced to adjust the price of sponge titanium almost at the same time. The price of 1 sponge titanium was raised from 73,000 yuan/ton to 78,000 yuan/ton, and the price of 0 sponge titanium was raised from 74,000 yuan/ton to 79,000 yuan/ton. Subsequently, three other sponge titanium companies also announced new quotations on the same day.

After the announcement of the new price, the reaction of the downstream market is general,  downstream enterprises do not purchase, but wait and see the market. Sponge Titanium Enterprises, due to the low-price orders have not yet been completed, mainly to complete the old orders, and do not care about the scarcity of new price orders. It is understood that most of the orders delivered by sponge titanium enterprises this week were signed about a month ago, with prices ranging from 70,000 to 73,000 yuan. There is a big gap between the delivery price and the current quotation, which gives some people the impression of price chaos. In fact, the current sponge titanium enterprises have a large number of undelivered orders, and it takes an average of one month to complete the undelivered orders. In addition, the future price of titanium tetrachloride raw materials is uncertain, there is still the possibility of rising. Therefore, this week, sponge titanium enterprises are more cautious to take orders. Some enterprises only sign new orders at a small amount of new prices, Therefore, in the current situation, it is still difficult for downstream enterprises to purchase at the previous price.

Other product prices did not change significantly this week, Panzhihua 10 # mine price 1110-1140 yuan/ton (tax-free); Panzhihua 20 # mine price 1200-1230 yuan/ton (tax-free); Hainan titanium ore price 1450-1550 yuan/ton; Vietnam A mine price 1650-1750 yuan/ton; 50% Mozambique ore price 205 dollars/ton; Kenya mine price 190 dollars/ton.

95 rutile quoted 9000-9400 yuan/ton; 90 rutile quoted 7000-7600 yuan/ton. The price of 90 titanium slag is 6000-6100 yuan/ton; the price of low calcium magnesium titanium slag is 6300-6500 yuan/ton; and the price of 75 acid slag is 3750-3950 yuan/ton.

The price of rutile titanium dioxide is 14800-16300 yuan/ton; the price of anatase titanium dioxide is below 12800 yuan/ton. The manufacturer will make a single proposal according to the specific situation.

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