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Sponge Titanium Market Booming Downstream Enterprises Increase Overseas Purchase

Jul.8 2019      Source:ruidow

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  Since 2017, China's sponge titanium market has begun to go out of the hard time, and the market has gradually improved. Especially since the second half of last year, the price of titanium sponge has begun to "soar" under the influence of factors such as environmental protection, production restriction, new demand explosion and high raw material prices. In one year, the domestic price of titanium sponge has broken through the barrier of 60,000 yuan and 70,000 yuan from less than 60,000 yuan per ton, and is moving towards the barrier of 80,000 yuan.

  In this regard, sponge titanium enterprises are also suffering: raw material prices have risen more fiercely than we do, whether the cost has soared all the way, we do not want to rise so much, we also have no choice. And now we can guarantee the supply of titanium tetrachloride enterprises on those, raw materials are not only high prices, supply is also very tight, we have only passive acceptance, dare not say angry ah.

  Due to the failure to substantially increase production to match the new demand, domestic sponge titanium is basically in a "zero inventory" and "in arrears" state. Although the demand for titanium in domestic chemical industry, electric power, national defense and other industries has been increasing in recent two years, and titanium enterprises have ushered in a period of "prosperous business" which has not been seen for a long time, the constant fluctuation of sponge titanium prices and the shortage of supply make titanium enterprises face the trouble brought by the supply side.

  With the shortage of domestic sponge titanium market supply, some enterprises have focused on the international market. At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, a few enterprises began to contact with foreign sponge titanium enterprises, and successfully ordered a small amount of sponge titanium. Subsequently, more enterprises joined the ranks of overseas purchase. According to customs statistics, in the first five months of this year, China imported more than 2800 tons of sponge titanium. According to the current situation, the import volume of sponge titanium in China is expected to exceed 6000 tons this year. This will also set a record for the import of titanium sponge in China. As you know, the import volume of sponge titanium in China last year was 4832 tons. If the import volume of sponge titanium in this year is estimated at 6000 tons, the import volume of sponge titanium in China will increase by 25% this year. The import of 6000 tons is equivalent to 8% of the production of sponge titanium in China last year.

  According to the enterprises purchasing sponge titanium abroad, the price of sponge titanium abroad is also rising, but it does not exceed the domestic price. Therefore, in the case of tight domestic supply, if we can order sponge titanium from abroad, it is also a way to alleviate the shortage of raw materials.

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