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High Titanium Slag Price Rises Again

Jul. 3 2019      Source:ruidow

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  On the first day of July, the purchasing price of the new phase of high titanium slag in China was determined to increase. The tender price of 90 titanium slag increased from 5860 yuan/ton in June to 6000 yuan/ton, which is also the biggest increase this year. After confirming the new price, the reactions of various titanium slag enterprises are different. Some enterprises believe that the current price of imported titanium ore is also rising, titanium slag enterprises are still difficult to obtain ideal profits, so their enthusiasm for production has not increased. Some enterprises also believe that although the profit margin of high titanium slag has not been improved at present, the price rise is always good news and gives people some hope.

  At present, the domestic market demand for high titanium slag is stable, and the total demand is still low. In addition, under the current market price, the profit of high titanium slag is not ideal, and many high titanium slag enterprises'production capacity is still idle. This leads to the low effective productivity of domestic high titanium slag, and the delicate balance between supply and demand of high titanium slag market. This year, some newly built downstream projects in China are trying to purchase high titanium slag as raw material in order to reduce production costs because of the high price of natural rutile. This makes the price of high titanium slag continue to rise, driven by the rising price of rutile, and the product sales are good.

  Although the current market participants generally believe that the price increase of domestic high titanium slag is relatively low, and the profit margin of titanium slag enterprises has not been improved, some people are optimistic about the future market. Especially in the case of rising rutile prices, some downstream enterprises may be more inclined to try to use high titanium slag as raw materials for production in the future. If downstream enterprises increase their purchasing demand for high titanium slag, the market demand for high titanium slag may improve, and the price of high titanium slag will continue to rise.

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