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Titanium Market Review(6.17-6.21)

Jun.24 2019      Source:ruidow

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This week Panzhihua ilmenite prices remained basically stable, 38ilmenite without tax quoted at 720-740 yuan/ton, 46 ilmenite without tax at 1110-1140 yuan/ton. The price of 47ilmenite ranges from 1200 to 1230 yuan per ton. The price of titanium dioxide is declining; the high price of raw ore, coupled with the severe drought in Panzhihua area this year, has affected the start-up of water treatment plant,  the tension of imported titanium ore and the steady rise of price, together with the exchange rate problem, have a certain benefits news for Panzhihua, the price is expected to continue to run steadily next week.

The market price of imported titanium ore is steadily rising, the spot price of high-quality titanium ore is tight, the price of Kenya's ilmenite is 195 USD/ton, the price of Mozambique's titanium ore is 200 USD/ton, and the spot market is still tight; the output of African titanium ore is declining, the output of India and Vietnam is on the low side due to policy problems, the demand of international titanium ore market is good, and the price of imported high-quality titanium ore is tight, and with the domestic chlorination project put into operation, the import of titanium ore is tense, the market price goes out of the independent market, and the price will continue to run at a high level.

Titanium slag

The price of high titanium slag has risen steadily, and Henan's price has increased somewhat this week, with a range of 300 yuan/ton. The tender price of Jinzhou enterprise 90 high titanium slag is 5860 yuan/ton, up 60 yuan/ton from last month. At present, Liaoning province low calcium magnesium high titanium slag is 6500 yuan/ton, Henan 90 high titanium slag enterprise offers 7100 yuan/ton with tax. High-titanium slag enterprises are under great cost pressure and are still not active in starting construction. Pig iron is the main source of profits. At present, the price of raw titanium ore is firm and rising. The spot market of high-titanium slag is tight, and the price of high-titanium slag will rise.

The market price of acid slag is stable. The ex-factory price with tax in Yunnan is 3700-3800 yuan/ton, while that in Sichuan is 3850-4000 yuan/ton. The weak market price is mainly due to the declining price of titanium dioxide, the weakness of titanium ore and the serious downstream depreciation. Sichuan's market supply has declined due to the overhaul of an electric furnace, the overall change of titanium ore is not big, and the price of acid slag will be stable.

Titanium tetrachloride

Titanium chloride prices remained stable on Thursday, with the main market quotation of tax-based ex-factory prices ranging from 7950 to 8500 yuan/ton. In June, the market start-up is still low, the enterprises stopped in Hebei have not resumed, and the enterprises in Hubei have gradually returned to normal after the festival; the prices of raw materials such as high titanium slag and rutile have risen, and the cost of manufacturers has increased; due to environmental protection, the enterprises stopped production are difficult to recover, the market demand for sponge titanium has improved, and the price of titanium tetrachloride will still run at a high level in the short term.

Titanium dioxide

This week, the titanium dioxide market was weak and the market price was chaotic. Tronox announced that it would raise the price of titanium dioxide in Asia-Pacific region since July, mainly because of the rising price of raw materials, which had little effect on the market. At present, the domestic price of rutile titanium dioxide with tax is 14300-16800 yuan/ton, that of anatase titanium dioxide with tax is 11800-13500 yuan/ton, and that of chlorinated titanium dioxide is 18500-20500 yuan/ton.

Sponge Titanium

Sponge titanium market price is stable, market quotation price difference is large, market demand is good, enterprise inventory is tight. At present, the quotation of grade 0 is between 71,000 yuan and 74,000 yuan/ton. Enterprises mainly follow the old orders. It is difficult to raise the price of new orders. Recently, the price of magnesium ingots has been lowered. Some enterprises'cost has declined. Enterprises' stock is tight. Prices will continue to run steadily.

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