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05 2017
9th Global Zircon Conference 2017 The “Global Zircon Conference” held by Ruidow is responded po..

Jan 12 2018Limit and stop production came in waves,how the titanium dioxide pigment enterprise develop in 2018

tightening of environmental policies has become a normalization

Jan 4 20182018 Prospect of titanium market

Increase with fluctuation trend

Nov. 27 2017Tio2 pigment demand decrease, painting industry face limited production

Paint factory operating rate decreased significantly in North of China , the titanium dioxide market purchasing power weakened

Nov. 14 2017The tio2 pigment leading company Lonmon billions limited production for four months

Above all, the company Jiaozuo base limited production and Deyang base production is expected to reduce the company's titanium dioxide production of 35000-39000 tons

Nov.3 2017Longmon billions terminate the cooperation with Brazil MINERA..O SANTA ELINA

after the friendly consultations between the two sides to terminate the cooperation plan of the project

Nov 3 2017Yunan xinli,Luohe xinmao titanium increase price

chlorination process titanium dioxide domestic sales price increase 500 yuan / ton, the export price 80 USD/ ton

Nov.2 2017Tio2 pigment demand will increase from 2017 to 2018

consumption of titanium dioxide in China will reach more than 2 million 850 thousand tons in 2019

October 23 2017Tio2 pigment price tend to stable

Northern titanium dioxide manufacturers will be difficult to fully operation

October 18 2017Tio2 pigment price increase again

rutile Tio2 pigment mainstream price is more than 16800-18300 yuan / ton, anatase Tio2 pigment mainstream price is more than 14000-15300 yuan / ton

September 15 2017Tio2 pigment turnover is stalemate

rutile titanium dioxide pigment mainstream price 16500-18300 yuan / ton,

September 7 2017Tio2 pigment price increase 500 RMB per ton

the domestic tio2 pigment factory also rose price one by one this week, the range is around 500 RMB per ton

August30 2017Titanium dioxide pigment enterprises have different views on the market outlook

some individual industry began to plan increase price

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