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09 2020
Global Zircon Conference 2020 Global Zircon Conference 2020 coming!

Jan.11 2021TiO2 pigment export orders was arrange to February, December output decreased slightly

with an estimated output of about 300,000 tons

Dec.17 2020Official announcement of price increase of sponge titanium Enterprises

the first grade sponge titanium price was raised to 64000 yuan / ton

Dec.17 2020Export of titanium dioxide pigment is booming

the company's export accounts for 70%

Nov.05 2020Huiyun titanium industry: expand 30,000 tons of rutile titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid process

transformation project of 50kt / A and 80kt / a of sulfuric acid process rutile titanium dioxide

Jul.31 2020Polarization view about confidence of titanium dioxide pigment Market in the future

there are two different views about the overall market

Jul.29 2020Tianyuan Group: 50,000 tons of titanium dioxide produced by chlorination process has been completed and partially..

using "Panxi titanium ore + Tianyuan Technology" to produce high-quality chlorinated titanium dioxide

Jun.12 2020Chloride Process-based TiO2 Production with Annual Yield of 500 Thousand Tons Starts in Tangshan

The production area covers 732 mu with an annual yield target of 500 thousand tons

Apr.07 2020Tronox announces to rise the price of Titanium Dioxide

an increase of $120/ton

Jan.03 2020Price adjustment letter issued by several titanium dioxide Enterprises

increased the price of titanium dioxide by 300-1000 yuan / ton

Jan.03 2020Yunnan Xinli titanium industry is about to resume production

Yunnan Xinli's resumption of production is in accordance with the plan

Dec.23 2019Stop production + overhaul, many factories stop delivery announcement released, raw materials are impacted by rising

The price of rutile and anatase titanium dioxide increased by about 200 yuan / ton to 300 yuan / ton

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