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05 2017
9th Global Zircon Conference 2017 The “Global Zircon Conference” held by Ruidow is responded po..

December 6, 2018Market hesitated on Monday, rare earth prices were rigid

At the beginning of December, rare earth market continued the rise in last month, and prices were rigid. The reduction in the number of imported minerals, the approaching end of China’s rare earth quo

Sep 27, 2018Rare earth market prediction in October

NdPr oxide was transacted at RMB 320,000-323,000/t, and the turnover of NdPr metal has reached RMB 408,000-412,000/t.

September 14, 2018Baotou Rare Earth Forum, the key points you can not miss

The 10th China Baotou Rare Earth Industry Forum was held in Baotou City. The theme of this meeting is "New Age, New Thought, New Energy".

June 29, 2018The rare earth market remains stable, and price rally needs extra promotion

on 27th of June, the price offer of rare earth is steady, compared to last week.

June 21, 2018"Reinspection" the environment protection, why the rare earth supply is greatly reduced in Ganzhou?

As the environmental protection "reinspection" fully initiated, the recent pricres of Pr, Nd, Dy, Tb products kept rising.

More and more serious environmental situation are promoting the acceleration of price rise in rare earths

the tax quotation of praseodymium neodymium oxide was 339-345 thousand RMB Yuan/ton for ex-factory delivery

April 23, 2018Northern rare earth 2017 net profit increased by y-o-y 342%

The company achieved 10.204 billion yuan's operating income and 401 million yuan's net profit.

March 19, 20188th China Rare Earth Market Conference 2018_List of participants

Welcome to register by email wangxue@ruidow.com

March 14, 2018China Rare Earth Market Conference 2018-Agenda

Welcome to attend 8th China Rare Earth Market Conference

March 13, 2018China South Rare Earth Group listed heavy rare earths price on March 12

samarium oxide RMB 15,000 /t, gadolinium oxide RMB 130,000 /t, dysprosium oxide RMB 1,225,000 /t, holmium oxide RMB 460,000 /t

March 9, 2018Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth International Trade Co., Ltd. issues the listed prices in March of 2018

The prices of praseodymium-neodymium oxide, neodymium oxide, praseodymium-neodymium metal and neodymium metal were increased RMB 31,000/t, RMB 27,000/t, RMB 33,000 /t, and RMB 28,000/t, respectively.

March 9, 2018The rare earth market price continued to rise

rare earth market prices this week continued to rise

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