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05 2017
9th Global Zircon Conference 2017 The “Global Zircon Conference” held by Ruidow is responded po..

July 13 2017Yunnan sulphate slag price corrected amid favorable power price period

sulphate slag price went downward after June

July 5 2017Panzhihua titanium market gradually tend to stable

Now the prices exclude tax is 1,250-1,300 yuan / ton

June 15 2017"2017 (sixth) International Titanium Feedstock Conference" was held in Kunming

This session welcomed a total of more than 100 domestic and foreign enterprises with more than 400 participants

June 13th 2017Domestic titanium prices gradually get consolidated

conducive to the stability of the market and long-term healthy development.

May 8 2017Mengda Titanium 300ktpa slag project starts

supplying abundant slag material for domestic titanium industry

April 11 2017Titanium slag market to rise again

domestic slag price is about to hike again as ilmenite and tio2 pigment continued rising recently

Mar.10 2017Slag manufactures struggling in pigment hike

At present, 90 grade slag is around RMB4700-4800 per ton

17 Feb. 2017Ilmenite market review(2.11-2.17)

it is expected that ilmenite transaction price should increase in future

15 Feb. 2017Titanium slag prices continue to rise in Yunnan

the future of titanium slag sales situation is still promising

Jan.17 2017Pan-xi ilmenite price still continue to rise

Panzhihua tio2 pigment producers has been resume production

Jan.6 2017Titanium slag prices rose sharply (12.30-1.06)

This week the high-grade titanium slag prices rose almost 200 yuan / ton

Dec.30 2016Ilmenite prices surged again this week!

with domestic ilmenite price continued higher, the imports ilmenite will continue upward in following year

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