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05 2017
9th Global Zircon Conference 2017 The “Global Zircon Conference” held by Ruidow is responded po..

Nov.29 2017Titanium tetrachloride factory sell without profits

finished products price decline 200-300 yuan / ton

October 24 2017High titanium slag, titanium tetrachloride,titanium sponge

the difficult operation of high titanium slag in market

September 15 2017Titanium sponge market turnover is small

titanium factory operating rate will continue to decline and titanium sponge market or will continue weakening operation.

August 25 2017Magnesium ingot price up, sponge titanium prices stop down

the sponge titanium price get support

August 21 2017Reduced titanium market operating rate decline

the reduction of titanium mainstream including tax, factory prices are mostly is 3,900-4,100 yuan / ton

July 13 2017Toho Titanium’s Saudi ti sponge plant completed

Toho Titanium announced its new titanium sponge plant was officially completed on the 1st of May

Apr.6 2017Sponge titanium price rose 2000 yuan/ton

some titanium sponge factory offering price rose 2000 yuan/ton

13 Feb.2017Titanium sponge prices confirm to increase

the domestic 1# titanium sponge price is 52,000-53,000 yuan / ton

Jan.6 2017American titanium industry giant ATI announced to Indefinite shutdown titanium sponge plant

due to excess supply of titanium sponge in the world

Dec.21 2016New automobile titanium alloy hub bolt loss weight 45% than traditional one

Automobile lightweight has become the development trend of world automobile industry

Dec.12 2016Qinghai Supower titanium produce Asia's largest single titanium ingot

many manufacturers are in the pursuit of less welding seam products

Dec.5 2016CSIC achive the technology transformation of marine titanium alloy tube

725 institue to achive the major scientific and technological transformation

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