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09 2020
Global Zircon Conference 2020 Global Zircon Conference 2020 coming!

Nov 3 2017Zircon sand implement the new price this month

these positive factors also bring higher confidence on the market.

Nov.2 2017ZOC continue price increase make industry nervous

Zirconium oxychloride prices continued to rise. Just almost a week, the transaction price rise from 15000 yuan / ton to 17000 yuan / ton, the increase rate is 2000 yuan / ton

Nov 1 2017Zircon sand implement the new price this month

the downstream market is also very weak, the high price makes the downstream procurement relatively cautious

October 27ZOC still increase this week

the enterprises will be raised to 18000 yuan / ton due to serious shortage

October 24 2017ZOC price still increase

The current ZOC mainstream price is 16000-16500 yuan / ton, up by 400 yuan / ton compare last week

October 23 2017Silicate zircon price lag behind of zircon sand

it is expected that the later zirconium silicate market will continue to run hard

October 12 2017Indonesia zircon sand price increase

Indonesia sand CIF prices increased to 1320 USD/ ton

October 12 2017Zircon sand temporary stable

the price stable operation

September 29 2017Domestic zircon sand increase price

domestic enterprises also make price adjust announcement this week

September 21 2017ZOC supply tight, price tend to increase

zoc output decrease greatly

September 13 2017Zircon Sand Giant annouce price increase

At present, most domestic enterprises are actively discussing the new price

September 7 2017Zircon sand suplly tight and tend to increase price

the market full of rumors that zircon sand will increase price in following month

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