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09 2020
Global Zircon Conference 2020 Global Zircon Conference 2020 coming!

Dec.12 2018Ruidow Industry Annual Report 2018

Ruidow Industry Annual Report 2018

Dec.11 20181H 2019, the price of Tronox Zircon Sand remained the same

price of Tronox Zircon Sand will remain the same from January to June 2019

Nov.26 2018Fused zirconium market is weak

Correspondingly,the weak demand of the terminal market has led to the upstream fused zirconium market showing a cold scene

Nov. 19 2018Nearly 200 pottery enterprises in northern China entered the shutdown period

the loss of customers caused by long-term shutdown is the biggest loss of ceramic enterprises

Nov.05 2018Zircon market review(10.29-11.02)

zircon market review

Oct.29 2018Iluka output was higher then prediction

Group Z/R/SR production of 194 thousand tonnes in Q3 2018 was 14% higher than Q2 - Q3 2018

Oct.22 2018Zircon market weekly review(10.15-10.20)

Zircon market weekly review

Oct.15 2018Zircon market weekly review(10.08-10.12)

zircon market review

Aug 28 2018The price of zirconium silicate is difficult to rise

zirconium silicate is still difficult to transfer costs to the terminal

Aug. 20 2018Zircon market review(8.13-8.17)

Iluka announced that the reference price of zircon sand was increased by 170 USD/ ton to 1580 USD/ ton in the fourth quarter

Aug.10 2018The production of ZOC production has been resumed in succession

the contradiction between supply and demand of the market will return to the original state

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