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09 2020
Global Zircon Conference 2020 Global Zircon Conference 2020 coming!

Jun.18 2019The price of the fused zirconia dropped

reduced to 29,000-30,000 yuan/ton

30 May 2019Zircon Sand Import at Xiamen port has fallen sharply

The freight cost per ton increased by about 60 RMB

30 May 2019Qingyuan Jinsheng Adjusts the Price of Zirconium Products

increased by 300-500 yuan/ton

30 May 2019The 11th Global Zircon conference in Zhengzhou ended successfully in 2019!

More than 260 delegates from more than ten countries attended the conference

24 Apr.2019Radioactivity hinders the import of zircon from Xiamen and Guangxi

the radioactivity standards referred by the customs are relatively backward

23 Apr.2019 The Game of “Live and Death”between Coal to Gas with Ceramic Factory

In 2019, "coal to gas" has become a hot topic again

23 Apr.2019Iluka: price of zircon sand will be unchanged in the second and third quarters of 2019

price of zircon sand will be unchanged in the second and third quarters of 2019

Mar 11 2019Global Zircon Conference 2019

Global Zircon Conference 2019 Zhengzhou,Henan China May 21-23, 2019

Jan.09 2018China Zirconium Market Development and Prospect Annual Report 2018

The Sino-US trade war, environmental protection newly implement policies and the establishment of Hainan New Free Trade Zone have become the key factors that can not be ignored in the zirconium marke

Dec.21 2018Zircon market review(12.17-12.21)

zircon market weekly trend

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