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09 2020
Global Zircon Conference 2020 Global Zircon Conference 2020 coming!

Oct.21 2019Zircon Market Review(10.14-10.18)

The deadlock between the upstream and downstream companies is hard to break

Oct.14 2019Zircon Market Review(10.08-10.12)

The demand for zircon sand is difficult to rise.

Sep.30 2019Zircon Market Review(9.23-9.27)

The price of 65% high grade sand with tax is 11300-11700 yuan/ton, and that of 65% ordinary sand is 10700-11000 yuan/ton

Sep.20 2019Zircon Market Review(9.16-9.20)

it is more difficult for fused zirconium prices to continue to decline

Aug.26 2019Market quotation for fused zirconium slightly upward

due to the cold end of the market, price increase becomes more and more difficult

Aug 22.2019Iluka Zircon Reference Price maintained at US$1,580 per tonne for a further 6 months

Zircon Reference Price maintained at US$1,580 per tonne for a further 6 months until 31 March 2020

Aug. 19 2019Zircon Weekly Market Review(8.12-8.16)

The price of 65% high-grade zircon sand is 1130-11700 yuan/ton. The price is basically unchanged

Aug.06 2019Zircon market review(7.29-8.02)

weekly zircon market review

Jul.26 2019Base Resources keep same price on third and forth quater

Base Resources zircon in the coming quarter has been contracted at the same level as the June quarter

Jul.22 2019Zircon Market Review(7.15-7.19)

Weekly market review and summary


secured sales agreements for 70,000 tonnes of HMC inventory

Jan.27 2019Zircon sand imports fell by 70.74% in May compared with the same period last year

a decrease of 39.23% then last month and 70.74% year-on-year

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