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May 8 2017Iluka: both sales and price up in market recovery

Iluka has achieved significant growth in both sands production and sales.

May 3 2017Guangdong Orient Zirconic Ind Sci & Tech once again raised the price of zirconium products

release the notice of decide to adjust the price of products


the Victorian stockpiles will now be exhausted in October 2017

Mar.21 2017TRONOX zircon sand increase 50 U.S.D/ ton for the second quarter

accepting the price of zircon sand under current market condition

Mar. 08 2017Zircon sand price increase 500 yuan/ton

the notice said that the zircon sand increase 500 yuan / ton on the basis of the original price

23 Feb.2017Many regions of zirconium oxychloride prices rose sharply

Guangdong Orient Zirconic adjust price of 600 yuan / ton,

17 Feb. 2017Zircon market week review (2017.2.6-2.10)

the whole market is not active

15 Feb. 2017Raw material prices increase, zirconium silicate market still don’t have great improvement

zirconium silicate market transaction is not active

13 Feb.2017Indonesia zircon sand prices tend to upward

the trend of the zircon sand price still depends on terminal market demand

Jan.12 2017Production of zirconium oxychloride still prosperous

many companies said the order is full and don’t have plan to stopped even during the Spring Festival

Jan.10 2017Zircon market review(1.01-1.06)

For the first week of 2017, the zirconium market is operating stable

Jan.6 2017Frit plant shutdown in a large scale

the frit plant started operation will not early next year

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