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05 2017
9th Global Zircon Conference 2017 The “Global Zircon Conference” held by Ruidow is responded po..

Mar.20 2018Fused zircon market price rise

The overall market price around 32,000-33,000 yuan / ton

Mar.9 2018Giant annouce price increase notice,market fell positive

the reference price of zircon sand will be raised from 1230 US dollars to 1410 U. s.dollars / ton, which is valid for 6 months

Feb 5 20182017 full year zircon/rutile/synthetic rutile (Z/R/SR) production volumes were 22% higher than the 2016

2017 full year zircon/rutile/synthetic rutile (Z/R/SR) production volumes were 22% higher than the 2016 full year at 825 thousand tonnes mainly attributable to the inclusion of Sierra Rutile post acqu

Jan 31 2018The price of mid-grade zircon advance triumphantly

The import amount of tailings or mid-grade of zircon sand in China is about 500,000 to 600,000 tons per year

Jan 25 2018Zirconium silicate enterprises produce according to orders

price of zirconium silicate will continue to rise slowly from the current market

Jan 12 20182018 zirconium silicate market overview

The low demand make ziconium silicate difficult to support the price hike

Jan 9 2018Ceramic production area pause kilnin advance due to environmental protection

ceramic products will usher in a new round of rising tide in the future

Jan 8 2018Zirconium silicate difficult to adjust price

advanced zirconium silicate tax ex factory price is 13000 yuan / ton

Jan 4 2018Indonesian sand price increase

an average monthly import amount is about 2000 tons

Jan 2 2018Less and less zircon sand output in Wenchang,hainan areas

the supply of local zirconium sand will be less in Wenchang in next year

Dec 25 2017Export of ZOC’s price and quantity Increased

reaching a new high record in nearly 15 years

Dec 22 2017The price of zircon sand rises

the price of zircon sand will continue to go up

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